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Oak Tree in Winter

January 31, 2017

This is my largest oak tree.  I planted it as a sapling when I moved in.  It is now 40 feet tall.


Oak Tree Overgrowing Labyrinth Path

January 15, 2017


It’s hard to tell because of the autumn leaves, but the labyrinth path is between the bricks and the white wickets. The foliage bed is to the right of the white wickets. This photo shows that the tree is encroaching on the path from the left, and the bush is overgrowing the path from the right. The path of a labyrinth should be free and clear for the one walking it.  The overgrowth illustrates the reason I am re-designing the labyrinth at this time. This happens with a living labyrinth.

tree-is-overgrownThis tree was about one inch diameter when it was planted.  The labyrinth had to be built around it.  I have re-built its brick edging at least twice, but it’s time to enlarge it again.

The last time I enlarged it, the brick edging was evenly spaced around the tree.  The oak trunk has grown mostly to one side so that it is flush against the bricks and dislodging them, plus pushing up from under the brick.

Accommodating this tree is a key factor in creation of the new design.


The tree has grown, primarily on this side, pushing against the brick.


I have brushed the leaves aside to show the tree base and roots growing out from under the bricks.






Passion Vine Invading Oak

December 27, 2009

Passion flower vine in oak

I realized some vines had spread up from their arbor into the oak tree, but I didn’t realize the extent to which they had grown until the oak had shed all its leaves.  All greenery in this photo is passion vine.  Temps in the 20s are expected in the coming weeks.  If the vine isn’t killed by the freeze, I will have to pull it down so it doesn’t threaten the oak.