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First Cosmos of 2010 in Bloom

May 25, 2010
Cosmos in the Labyrinth Garden.

The first cosmos bloomed today.

The first of my beloved cosmos bloomed today.  Hopefully, it is the first of many.

It’s Not Pretty, but it’s Progress

May 23, 2010
Alex hanging out while I work on back wall of Labyrinth Garden

Alex hanging out while I work on back wall of Labyrinth Garden

I have been focused on structural additions to the Labyrinth Garden this year.  The photos of my progress aren’t very pretty but I’m going to include a few for the record.  The photo above is Alex hanging out while I add concrete bricks to reinforce the outer wall of the Labyrinth.  I’ve got four blocks in, only the first one has a cap so far.  This is the bed where I buried so many bulbs earlier this year.  The blocks stacked on top with jute rope at the left are part of the support rigged up to straighten the Bradford Pear tree as it grows. I’ve included a better view of the 4 bricks below.  They will all be capped and potted plants set on top of them by the time the wall is finished.

Outer wall of labyrinth for bulb bed, 4 bricks in place.

Back wall of Labyrinth, lining bub bed, 4 bricks in place so far.

Profuse Red Roses

May 22, 2010
Red roses blooming profusely.

Red rose blooms.

My red rose bush next to the chimnea is really blooming well.  I forgot to cut it back in February and didn’t prune it until April, but every branch has a bouquet of roses.

Hollyhocks Blooming Well

May 13, 2010

Hollyhock sprig.

I have enjoyed the hollyhock so well in my garden this year.  I had forgotten I had planted them until they started coming up, but they continue to get prettier and prettier as spring rolls by.  They have formed a beautiful semicircle around the oak tree.  I’m not quite sure what has happened to the perennials that usually bloom in this part of the garden.  Perhaps they are taking a rest this year.  It’s nice that the garden is constantly changing, but it is sad when plants I consider “old friends” fail to return.

Hollyhocks around oak tree

Hollyhocks gather around an oak

Discarded Strawberry Pot Adds Charm

May 7, 2010
Recycled pot added to the Labyrinth Garden.

"Good side" of the recycled pot.

These types of pots which I’ve heard called “Strawberry Pots” are so wonderful because they have multiple openings for plants.  The result is a pot surrounded by greenery even when the plants are small. 
I frequently find pots set out for the trash collector because they have a few blemishes.   This strawberry pot was discarded by a neighbor today  and is now permanently a part of the Labyrinth Garden. 
It really was not in bad shape.  See the blemished side below.  I’ll just turn that side to the tree!
Blemished side of the strawberry pot that was found today.

Blemished side of strawberry pot

The solution to blemishes is not to throw away the pot, but just turn the blemish to the wall. or install a bushy plant that mostly covers up the pot. I haven’t yet decided what I want to plant in it.