About Me

All text and graphics in this blog Copyright date of publication, Mary J. Tynes.

Hello!  I’m Mary Tynes, the creator and gardenkeeper of the Labyrinth Garden.  This blog serves as a garden journal where I keep up with what’s blooming as well as a record of what’s being refurbished in the garden.  I am an avid recycler and am always recycling things for the garden, so I’ll include those projects here too.

I have a dog named Elsie.  She is 11 years old, a rescue dog,  I’m guessing 1/2 beagle and 1/2 bird dog.  Apparently the front half is the beagle, because she sits when she points.

I also host www.mastercomposter.com.

If you look at the “Design” tab on the links below, you can see a scale “map” and the design of the garden which may give you a better idea of what my blog photos contain. Thank you for stopping by!

Labyrinth Garden - the Real Thing shirt
Labyrinth Garden Map by Mary
The Labyrinth Garden - Cover Art shirt
The Labyrinth Garden Design by Mary


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