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Bright Pink Star

November 26, 2009

Flower on Sedum

I didn’t even know this sedum plant would flower, and just spotted this beauty today.

Winter Color

November 19, 2009
Colored blooms for Winter

Colored blooms for Winter

Normally, I use pansies for winter color in the labyrinth garden.  There are other plants that are recommended, and I brought home a few from the nursery to see if they have the staying power of pansies.  These are English Daisies, Mexican snapdragons, and snapdragons.

The bed that holds my winter color experiment.

Black and Blue Salvia

November 14, 2009

Black and Blue Salvia

I love the color of this “Black and Blue Salvia”.  I had never seen one this color before, but salvia grow well in this area so I am hoping it thrives in the Labyrinth Garden.

Another photo of my white roses

November 11, 2009
White roes blooming at the outer edge of the Labyrinth Garden

White roes blooming at the outer edge of the Labyrinth Garden

I haven’t quite got the knack of photographing these white roses so that the detail shows, but I couldn’t resist including another picture.  These roses were purchased at the grocery store in a 4″ pot.  I bought several roses that day, but this one has flourished the best.

. . . and bloom.

November 10, 2009

Asters - photo 3

And a final close-up.  Aren’t they beautiful?