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Lemon Coral Sedum Sprouts Yellow Blooms

April 28, 2010
Sedum in bloom

I first posted a photo of these sedums in July 18, 2009.  Until today, all my sedums and succulents were still behind the back labyrinth bed wall surrounded by bags of leaves.  I have been a bit slow this year in restoring order.  Some of them were in sad shape due to having too much shade.  But this Lemon Coral sedum has grown like wildfire and bloomed yellow, with a couple of  light green Trailing Jade succulents holding their own.  The dark green Miniature Pine Tree succulent that was also in this pot had been transplanted before winter and also survived.

Sedum & Succulent Status So Far

September 24, 2009

As I explained earlier, I decided to start a sedum and succulent collection this year because they are inherently heat and drought tolerant.  I am happy to say that all my sedums and succulents are doing well with the exception of the AloeVera.  It was really doing well at first.  Then for some reason I cannot explain, I decided it would do even better in another spot.  I moved it and 48 hours later, it was dead. 

However, the important point is that all the others are doing well.  So on my shopping spree, I acquired some more.

"Midnight"  Aloe Gastrolea

"Midnight" Aloe Gastrolea


Sempervivum.  I had to bring it home to get it out of this overcrowded pot!

Sempervivum. I had to bring it home to get it out of this overcrowded pot!


"Silver Gray"  Kalanchoe Pumila

"Silver Gray" Kalanchoe Pumila

Three More Succulents

July 20, 2009
red stem (succulent), echeveria (succulent), and an unknown succulent

red stem (succulent), echeveria (succulent), and an unknown succulent

I rarely do things half-way.  When I decided to grow a succulent garden, I meant it.  These are the last 3 of the new succulents.  The lighter green at the top left is Red Stem (succulent).  Echeveria (succulent) is the darker green at the bottom of the photo.  The one at the top right is a succulent, but I have not yet identified it.  It just looked like a very happy plant.

Retro Choke (succulent)

July 19, 2009
retro choke (succulent)

retro choke (succulent)

Isn’t this beautiful?  It’s supposed to grow a lot larger.

If you can’t beat them, join them

July 18, 2009


I was so irritated at the dismal failure of my vegetable beds this year, that I decided to buy more of the plants that never give me any trouble whatsoever — sedums and succulents.  Three of my new plants are shown here.  A striking Lemon Coral sedum, light green Trailing Jade succulent, and a dark green Miniature Pine Tree succulent.  These tolerate drought, sun, and propagate easily.