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Lemon Coral Sedum Sprouts Yellow Blooms

April 28, 2010
Sedum in bloom

I first posted a photo of these sedums in July 18, 2009.  Until today, all my sedums and succulents were still behind the back labyrinth bed wall surrounded by bags of leaves.  I have been a bit slow this year in restoring order.  Some of them were in sad shape due to having too much shade.  But this Lemon Coral sedum has grown like wildfire and bloomed yellow, with a couple of  light green Trailing Jade succulents holding their own.  The dark green Miniature Pine Tree succulent that was also in this pot had been transplanted before winter and also survived.

Sedona Crystals and Gemstones in the Arms of an Angel

April 23, 2010

Angel at labyrinth center with her platter of stones from Sedona

This angel has a little platter to hold water or seed.  Most often it was left empty and I always thought it would be fun to fill it with something.  Stones from Mount Baldy near Glorietta NM are buried in the inner ring of the labyrinth and I considered digging them up to put here.  But then I had a better idea.  I was in Sedona AZ last week and selected some pretty stones just to put in here, along with a dragonfly charm and a hummingbird charm.  The large green stone in the back is emerald.  The multicolored stones on either side are bornite.  The turquiose is amazonite.  The three small green stones are Peridot, the light blue crystal is Blue Calcite.  The two royal blue are Azurite.  Then there are several clear time link and window crystals.  They are a wonderful reminder of Sedona’s beauty.

Peach Daffodil in Bloom

April 19, 2010

Peach daffodil is unusual, most of mine are yellow.

I found one peach daffodil this year in the Labyrinth Garden.  Most daffodils here are some shade of yellow, but this one was a pretty peach.

Angel Among the Blooms

April 19, 2010
Angel in the inner circle of the Labyrinth Garden

Perhaps I’m getting old.  I thought I had forgotten to show you where I put the angel.  After I started posting this I checked and I already showed you on April 8.  But I like this photo better so I’m going to include in anyway.


Vines Grew Lush While I Was Away

April 19, 2010

Chinese Wisteria on a white metal trellis and beyond

My Chinese Wisteria has looked so pitiful over winter that I had almost given up hope that it would survive.  I was away in Sedona less than a week, and came back to this!  Not only is it bushy, growing copious limbs, but it has grown higher than the trellis! 

Also while Iwas away, my climbing roses took off, crossing the labyrinth paths.  I’m going to have to get taller trellises for these vines.

Climbing rose vines not only grow up, but across the labyrinth path.