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Lemon Coral Sedum Sprouts Yellow Blooms

April 28, 2010
Sedum in bloom

I first posted a photo of these sedums in July 18, 2009.  Until today, all my sedums and succulents were still behind the back labyrinth bed wall surrounded by bags of leaves.  I have been a bit slow this year in restoring order.  Some of them were in sad shape due to having too much shade.  But this Lemon Coral sedum has grown like wildfire and bloomed yellow, with a couple of  light green Trailing Jade succulents holding their own.  The dark green Miniature Pine Tree succulent that was also in this pot had been transplanted before winter and also survived.

Daffodils Have Recovered!

March 4, 2010

Daffodils have revived from their lashing by heavy rains

Downpour Dashes Spring’s First Daffodils

March 1, 2010
Daffodils after rain
2010 First Daffodils after Downpour

I am so excited about seeing the first daffodils of spring, but have to apologize that they look rather sad after being out in the rain for the last 24 hours.  Never fear!  As soon as the sun returns, I will re-shoot!

Spring Has Arrived!

January 24, 2010
1st crocus of 2010

First crocus of 2010

What a joy to see the first flowers of 2010, yellow crocus popping up through elfin thyme.  It is an exaggeration to say that Spring has arrived, as Texas will be swinging back and forth between Winter and Spring for at least another month.  But if crocus have shown their pretty blooms, can daffodils be far behind?

Big Catch!

October 14, 2009
Copious blooms on my Shrimp Plant.

Copious blooms on my Shrimp Plant.

I have been concerned about my Shrimp Plant during the summer because it had no blooms after the heat rolled in.  But now that it has cooled off and the rain relieved our annual summer drought, the shrimp are plentiful!