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Ranunculus are Still Blooming

April 11, 2010

Pink Ranunculus

Ranunculus come in so many beautiful colors.  This pink reminds me of roses.  There’s been a good crop of ranunculus this year.  I might have planted them a bit thickly with the anemone, but I really like having a bounty of flowers.  Below, my anemones again along with verbena.

More verbena and anemones

More verbena and anemones in the Labyrinth Garden

Angel in the Inner Ring

April 8, 2010
Angel in the Inner Circle of the Labyrinth

Angel in the Inner Circle of the Labyrinth

I showed you this angel when Joan gave her to me, but I’ve decided where she belongs in the garden.  She will sit in the Inner Ring of the Labyrinth.  It’s nice to know there is an angel waiting for me there.

You might wonder about the left side of this photo where the bed has no flowers or foliage.  I wonder about it too.  Last year, the verbena grew so well there that it crowded out everything else so this year I decided the verbena could have the entire space.  It decided not to grow.  So I will have to make some adjustments.

Blue, White and Purple Blooms

April 3, 2010
Blue and White Anemones

Blue and White Anemones

Blue is my favorite color.  I had planted a few anemone last year and only a portion of them bloomed.  So this year I planted a LOT hoping I’d get more.  They bloomed much better this year (perhaps the ones from last year waited?).  They make me happy.

Flower-strewn path (or is it Flower-grown path?)

July 26, 2009
Verbena completely covers the path

Verbena completely covers the path

This is actually a picture of the path.  These verbena have been blooming all spring and summer.  I try very hard to get plants that are perennial or self-seeding in order to minimimze the work required to maintain the garden.  These perennials were an excellent choice that seem to work well.

Stacked Plants – Not Recommended, but Accidents Happen

April 29, 2009
Blackfoot Daisy holding its own with verbena growing on top of it.

Blackfoot Daisy holding its own with verbena growing on top of it.

 I thought this Blackfoot Daisy had died when it went dormant for the winter.  I planted other flowers on top of it, including this verbena.  The next spring, the daisy woke up determined to grow.  It grew sideways out of the mesh that is attached to the side of the raised beds.  

I love and seek out plants that stubbornly march on, performing their flowering duties!  I call those plants “Marines” for their perseverence and ability to overcome all obstacles.

(Sorry, I couldn’t find an online source for blackfoot daisy.  They are sold widely in Texas stores and in some of the surrounding states because they are so drought-tolerant.)