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Winter Color

November 19, 2009
Colored blooms for Winter

Colored blooms for Winter

Normally, I use pansies for winter color in the labyrinth garden.  There are other plants that are recommended, and I brought home a few from the nursery to see if they have the staying power of pansies.  These are English Daisies, Mexican snapdragons, and snapdragons.

The bed that holds my winter color experiment.

Snapdragons Blown Away

April 27, 2009
Pale Yellow Snapdragons

Pale Yellow Snapdragons

   I planted snapdragon seeds one and 1/2 years ago and they finally sprouted. I took the photo above a few days ago. Unfortunately, the wind picked up really strong Sunday and blew most of the petals off my snapdragons! Ah well, time for more seeds!

By the way, I’ve tried growing the seeds in pots and then transplanting.  Mine work better just planting the seeds straight into the ground.

(Hmmmmmmm…This was supposed to post on Sunday, not sure what happened there.)