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Peach Daffodil in Bloom

April 19, 2010

Peach daffodil is unusual, most of mine are yellow.

I found one peach daffodil this year in the Labyrinth Garden.  Most daffodils here are some shade of yellow, but this one was a pretty peach.

Crocus Make a Quick Comeback

March 22, 2010

Crocus come back the day after the snow

My daffodils took a beating under the snow, there are a lot of broken stalks.  But the crocus above came back strong just a day later.

Sprouts in New Bulb Bed!!!

March 9, 2010

The first three green shoots barely out of the soil

I have been so upset that I had no tulips or daffodils from the new bulb bed planted this winter (see 12/31 post), but I just haven’t been patient enough.  The first green shoots broke through the soil today!

Save the labels! Read the labels!

May 7, 2009
These are Sparaxis.  They also come in various colors.

These are Sparaxis. They also come in various colors.

When I plant something in the labyrinth garden, I note the date & location on the label  or package  and save it .  These sparaxis came up in a variety of colors.  The color is very welcome, peaking out from under a bed of Iris leaves, but I couldn’t remember planting them.  I went back to my saved labels and found it.  Planted 1/12/2009. 

I’ve decided I should also start reading the labels.  This one says “For best results, plant in informal groups of 5 or more.”  I planted single bulbs, rather than groups.  I believe they would have looked better planted in the recommended groups.

A Few Daffodils Remain

April 28, 2009
White Daffodil with Orange Trumpet

White Daffodil with Orange Trumpet

I have had more daffodils this year than I’ve ever had before.  I planted bulbs this fall for early spring color.  I bought lots of different types, including a “combo pack” of which this is one.  The color is striking.