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Gone to Seed

December 13, 2009
Cosmos gone to seed

I love the way cosmos look when they have gone to seed.  The flower first wilts and closes up tight.  Then bursts open into this star of potential life in anticipation of next spring!  It’s a Star of Hope, how appropriate for the season.

. . . and bloom.

November 10, 2009

Asters - photo 3

And a final close-up.  Aren’t they beautiful?

… and bloom…

November 10, 2009

Asters and shrimp plants

This view is from the edge of the labyrinth and includes my shrimp plants as well.

When they bloom, they REALLY BLOOM

November 10, 2009

Asters in Bloom - Photo 1

This is another plant that has grown all spring and summer and finally burst into bloom — asters!  I couldn’t choose which photo, so I’m going to post all three today.  This first one is from above.

Chinese Wisteria — Wonderful Fall Color

September 18, 2009
Deep, deep purple blooms in autumn.

Deep, deep purple blooms in autumn.

The garden has been through a difficult summer drought.  Then one week ago today the sky opened up with thunderstorms and we had 8 inches of rain in one evening.  It’s rained every day since.  Rather than mourn those plants that didn’t survive the drought or those that are now withering from being waterlogged, I went shopping.  I’ll share my finds with you over the next few days.

The first is this Chinese Wisteria, Millettia Taiwanensis.  Evergreen vine with spectacular purple flowers that bloom in autumn.  I haven’t planted it yet, waiting for rain to stop.