Cracks in Small Birdbath

small-birdbath-uprightcracks-in-birdbathWhile repairing the angel, I realized that this birdbath also requires repairs.  The birdbath was given to me by my friend Karen years ago.  Cracks may be a result of exposure to the elements — we have both freezes and excessive heat here.

It rained today, so I’m leaving it out to dry before repairing.

1/23/2017 update:

Once dry, I turned the birdbath over to see if the cracks reached the bottom of the pedestal.  They did.  In fact, the main fracture was quite substantial as seen in this photo.  You can see where I started to repair it with clear epoxy, but I switched to the (more appropriate) gray epoxy for metal and concrete by the time I was working on the visible parts of the birdbath.


1/27/2017 update:

The finished product.  img_2046



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