Hummingbirds, Dragonflies, Butterflies and Bumblebees!

Flying bits of beauty inhabit the Labyrinth Garden.  I have tried to capture photos, but have been mostly unsuccessful.  In their book “Medicine Cards”, Jamie Sams and David Carson describe the meaning that Native Americans attributed to some of these creatures.  Dragonflies represent Illusion, and  remind us to question beliefs that restrict our perceived choices and keep us from pursuing our dreams.  Are those limiting beliefs just Illusions which we can discard?  Butterflies represent Transformation, the ability to know the mind as well as the ability to change it.

Today, I was watching a butterfly eat an overripe banana I had provided (in a rodent-proofed bird feeder).  A colorful hummingbird flew to about 18″ in front of my face.  Looking directly at me, it hovered for quite some time.  It was a magical moment.  Sams and Carson say that Hummingbirds represent Joy and that Hummingbird opens the heart.  I agree.


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