Tiny Blue Elfin Flowers

Blue Flowers amongst the Elfin Thyme

Blue Flowers amongst the Elfin Thyme

The tags for this Elfin Thyme had always said there were supposed to be light blue blooms in summer.  After the first year, I didn’ see flowers.  My organic nursery recommended some nutrients just for flowering plants.  I used it and MAGIC!  Elfin flowers started blooming almost immediately.


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2 Responses to “Tiny Blue Elfin Flowers”

  1. Bill Ziegler Says:

    Hi Mary,
    I was “catching up” on all the family websites I visit and browsed through yours this evening. Always a breath of fresh air and pretty photos of flowers.
    All’s well still up here in North Carolina. We have a trip planned to New Orleans at the end of October (LSU and Tulane football, and relatives visits), but no trips through Texas (so far!).
    I still hear from your Mom about weekly (or more often, if she forgets she’s called!). It seems like things are “status quo” for her and your Dad. She always has a story to tell though!

    Anyway, just thought I’d share a note with you. Stay in touch!

  2. Mulching | CompostMania Says:

    […] bloom for only a month or two.  That ground is bare the rest of the year.  So I planted some elfin thyme.  Flowers sprout up through the elfin thyme during their season, and the thyme looks pretty and […]

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