Cypress Vine just needed a little support, that’s all

First Cypress Vine Buds of 2009

First Cypress Vine Buds of 2009

Today I saw the first two blooms on my cypress vines.  About 10 days ago, I finally put up supports for these vines.  I learned about them while standing in line at the North Haven Gardens nursery.  A lady told me that they grew really well in our area.  I didn’t have time to go back and get one that day, but when I mentioned them to a neighbor, she said she grew them every year and collected seed.  She gave me seeds to plant for this year.  They remind me of Christmastime!

Both this and morning glory vines that reseed every year were slow in coming.  It has been even hotter than usual and that may be a contributing factor.  But I didn’t get the supports up soon enough.  Once they have supports, vines grow amazingly fast.  I can literally see growth from one day to the next.


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