Dascia in Rescued Pots

The grouping of terra cotta pots leads to the outer edge of the labyrinth

The grouping of terra cotta pots leads to the outer edge of the labyrinth

This path gives me wheelbarrow access to the outer edge of the labyrinth garden.  I showed you a closeup of these diascia  in yesterday’s post.   This is a grouping of about 5 or 6 large terra cotta pots (unfortunately you can only see 2 of the pots, I’ll have to get more photos later) that were a great recycling find!

I was driving along to my neighborhood pharmacist, and I saw all these terra cotta pots, undamaged, stacked next to the curb near a lady’s driveway.  I could see her in the garage, so I stopped.  To my amazement, she said  she was throwing the pots away but was extremely upset about it.  She said she loved the pots, but didn’t have time to care for plants in them so they just sat in the yard full of dirt.  She admitted to being a bit of a packrat, and said her husband had finally put his foot down and said she had to get rid of things she didn’t use or he would get rid of them himself.  I pointed out that she didn’t have to throw things away, she could give them to charity.  I told her I would love to have the pots and would take good care of them, so she gave them to me.  She also gave me an unused dog crate with a cover (crate and cover still in the box) which I donated to a local shelter since I already have crates for Elsie (purchased) and one for Alex (acquired for free from a neighbor who was discarding it).


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One Response to “Dascia in Rescued Pots”

  1. Mike Ziegler Says:

    It really pays sometimes to keep your eyes open and not be nervous about asking questions. I can’t wait to see the flowers that you grow in the “new” pots!
    Hope all is well with you,
    Mike Z

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